Visão - A Computer-aided Text Analysis Software 


a computer-aided text analysis software

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Visão is a powerfull desktop software that allows to process and analyze large text data. With regard to your aims and plans, this application makes possible to design fully-customizable flows to manipulate and transform your data into a desired shape or to perform a statistical analysis. Visão is mainly focused on computer-aided text analysis, therefore it supports various encodings, dictionary-building, regex patterns, and many other important features.

An easy way to quantify the text

Visão may be sucessfully involved when it comes to custom patterns quantification. Use regular expressions or a dictionary to specify the domain to be quantified. Select the input files and functions to pre-process the input, choose methods to compare tokens, and select how to format the final output. You do not have to know a sophisticated language, just use the graphic representations to visualize the whole process fast and easily. Finally, click "Run" and Visão will do the rest, no matter how long it takes.

A great variability

It is up to the user how the text is going to be processed. Choose an appropriate function, set up its parameters, and continue building the model. A functions library contains essentials and advanced tools to fulfill your needs.

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